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Mt Black Braves

A song about growing up on the slopes of Mt Black, Rosebery Tasmania in the 1950's and 60's.
A play ground of dense tea tree and rainforest limited only by a kid's imagination


Mt Black Braves
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Bennion kids 1948 Mt Black Braves.jpg

Members of the
Bennion Family.

Circa 1948
Taken on Mt Black
Photo: Jenny Bennion

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Struttin' Down Agnes

Sid Simms in the middle astride an elephant. Agnes St 1978 
Bottom Pub and Post Office in the background.
In 1969 I was give a loaded gun and instructed to escort my fellow teller down to the Post Office to pick up the EZ Pay.

I was sixteen years old.

Struttin Down Agnes
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Also performing as The Southerly Busker